I help professionals tackle their job search with confidence.

Are you feeling…

  • Frustrated trying to identify and describe your professional accomplishments?
  • Nervous because you haven’t written a resume and cover letter in years?
  • Confused about what should be in your LinkedIn profile so it can attract more job leads?
  • Rusty about answering interview questions or addressing salary requirements?

You’re not alone. Many clients start out feeling the same way. It’s natural to feel “out of practice” when it comes to job search strategies.

Consider me your personal solution, your secret weapon. By the time we’re finished working together, you will…

  • Supercharge your search with a branded resume that effectively conveys your strengths, skills, and unique value.
  • Boost your networking efforts with top-notch career documents that reveal your hidden potential.
  • Strengthen the effectiveness of your LinkedIn profile by making simple yet crucial changes.
  • Learn insider secrets to answer common interview questions and address salary questions.

If you want these results for yourself, contact me to get started today.

There are a lot of resume writers out there. Why me?
My work is among the best of the best in the industry.

If you’re ready to invest in your career and your job search, then you’re ready for us to have a conversation.


“Laurie’s work on my resume was brilliant… She made my resume really shine. I know that it is hard to trust someone with the one document that shapes your career, but you will have no better support than Laurie. She truly was able to build a resume that displays my talents succinctly and presents me professionally and excellently to a potential employer. I highly recommend her.”
- Jeni C.


“I got a job at [X]. I got the interviews through some of my networking but the resume definitely helped. Once I got to the interviews it was obvious that the interviewers had looked over my resume and were impressed. In fact that’s how a lot of my opportunities were emerging: I would establish a new contact, share my resume, which was always well received, and then my new contact would go to bat for me. Thanks again, Laurie!”
- Mark S.